Show us Black VE with Black wheels pics

These are done at low speeds, and teaches the competitor a greter understanding of handling their car in all conditions. I never knew about it but now I do I kind of what one, I blame you Pedro15 :D:grin::D I bet the brochure won’t fit in the compendium which is a shame, would have been nice to have it all together. On the Friday our Team will meet at the southbound 7 Eleven Truckstop on the M31 Hume Hwy at Pheasants Nest and leave at 11:00am then stop at Goulburn around noon for fuel and lunch. I remember i got a golf bag, key ring, a flash steel looking brief case, a nice book with a hole bunch of stuff and info in it, 2 hats with I just got on written on it, T shirts, Jacket and i think that is it. Not 100% on the oil that’s in it mate, haven’t had the car very long and only done a few km’s in it. .what people ask and what they get are two different things.

Great to see you onboard 1BADSV I think you had the white SV89 correct? Certainly the gen 3 has a lot more extrating potential from untapped resources but who can beat the sound of the Aussie engine. What we gunna do about that Pete? Have approached HSV direct about these rims and got a reply stating you can only order parts your car was fitted with. well i have always liked holdens, and always wanted a hsv, thru conveniance my first car was a fo#d but i didnt have it for 24hrs before hitting a tree:eek: but i was ok and the car was dead, and since then i have only had holdens and havnt had any of those troubles, vl, vs berlina and now the gts, i actually never thought id have the chance of owning a hsv but im so glad i do now… If I do decide to go vinyl I’ll try and source it here in Melb.

Geez i would have been 15/16 back then lol. i guess i was just weighing up the options. Before long issue 100 rolled around, an impressive feat for any magazine let alone one not just focused on one particular manufacturer, but one model. Steering wheel-mounted sound system controls became standard on all models, as did a CD player. Either way works, but then the noise might be annoying on, say … Mate beautiful car.

The GM–designed IPCM6 powertrain control module formed part of a state–of– the art electronics package controlling the mechanical, comfort and security features. If anyone's got any good links to any places please let me know. With a great driver behind the wheel and the car dialed in it will be very hard to beat. No interior mods. For the past 2 years, the HSV Owners Clubs of Victoria and ACT have been getting together in Albury for a catch up and to have a great weekend. The ones in the picture had three wholes where you would screw them into the back of your front bar.

Subject to state taxes and delivery charges. On my car we were able to adjust the bolts that attach the hood to the hinges to make both sides flush with the fenders (If I remember correctly it was an “in or out” type of thing)… EFIlive COS3 SD tune. The trick is to put things away and not leave them lying around. Already disillusioned with the way the professional game has developed in recent times, that was the final straw for many HSV supporters. WHERE ARE ALL THE HSV’s from our southern States Everyone in The Hsv Owners Qld are looking forward to seeing all the Best HSV’s from down south so Far we have not had many entries,from our southeren states, the biggest suport so far has come from Nsw Owners, closely followed by Act Owners, Victoria which is the biggest numbers Club and is in the hart of Hsv land, Yet to see more than 2 Cars Come on Vic Can’t Wait to see more entries from you Guys As well as NSW,ACT, SA WA Come on guys get behind this event everyone in Qld is looking forward to seeing you all up here and happy to help where we can, to help you get up here!!!

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